Solar Panel Cleaning

Benefits of Solar Panel Cleaning

Leaves, bird droppings, dust, dirt, pollen: All things that are coming between you and more solar energy.

Dirty solar panels do not run as efficiently as clean solar panels. If the solar cells on your panels are not exposed to full sunlight, then the solar panels are not running at full efficiency.

Some solar panel owners take the initiative to clean their own panels with traditional methods. But cleaning solar panels with soap and water can lead to grime buildup. Leftover soap residue can block some sunlight from the solar cells like dirt. Also, you have to get on your roof to clean the panels.

Leftover residue is also sticky and attracts more dirt and dust to the panels. We use pure water cleaning technology to avoid the buildup of soap residue. Plus, with our reach and wash pole cleaning system, we don’t even have to climb up on your roof. This results in less strenuous labor, and we pass on the savings to you.

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