Commercial Window Cleaning in Merrimack, NH

Window Washing & Solar Panel Cleaning in Merrimack, NH

At Hydropure we offer professional window washing and solar panel cleaning to our clients in Merrimack, NH

Our current clients include universities, hospitals, retirement communities, elder care facilities & industrial parks. Our methods are safe and sustainable. Good for your building and good for the environment. For more information about our sustainable window washing and solar panel cleaning services in Merrimack, NH, contact the Hydropure team at pwci@me.com or call us at 844-362-4447.

Merrimack, NH is a beautiful community in the southern part of the state. Last year, it was voted the twenty-third best place to live in the U.S. by CNN Money. Some of the many businesses in Merrimack include an Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Fidelity Investments, and the headquarters of Brookstone. At 25,000 people, Merrimack is the 8th most populous city or town in New Hampshire. Merrimack has a village layout, with Thornton’s Ferry, Reed’s Ferry, and South Merrimack all helping divvy up the town.

Commercial buildings like the schools, hotels, and distribution centers in Merrimack should have their windows washed at least twice a year. The way your building looks is an important representation of your business to your clients, tenants, and employees. Keeping the windows cleaned and the building properly maintained is a necessary business expense. Not all window washing services are the same. Hydropure adds safety and efficiency to window washing and solar panel cleaning for commercial buildings across New England.

Hydropure is the Leader in Sustainable Window Washing in Merrimack, NH


Our commercial window washing services are conscious of the community and the environment. Pure water is the best sustainable product for cleaning glass available today. Our system uses clean, purified water, no chemicals to clean. Soap leaves residue on the windows attracting dirt and build up. Hydropure leaves your windows cleaner for longer – no streaks or spots.


The Hydropure system uses a reach and wash system with carbon fiber poles that are able to reach to a height of 72 ft. This method keeps our employees on the ground which significantly reduces the cost of labor. In addition it is a more conscientious for your facility; No lifts leaving tracks, no ladders denting the building and no men hanging from the roof.

Cost Efficient 

Traditional window washing method from heights is costly and dangerous. To reduce costs associated with working on heights and keep our employees safer, we manufactured our own system. With lower costs you can afford more frequent cleanings. We pass these savings onto our Merrimack clients.

You can also save money immediately by allowing your brightly cleaned solar panels to absorb more sunlight. A proper cleaning will remove dust, rain, smog, bird droppings, and other factors that cause your solar panels to become dirty and less efficient. Solar panel cleaning is best left to the professionals—most solar panels are located on roofs or hard-to-reach places that require special equipment.