Reach and Wash Pole Window Cleaning

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Safer washing methods with pure water keeps our workers on the ground and your windows shining clean

reach and wash

Reach and Wash Systems add safety and efficiency to window cleaning. Water is fed through a pole, so our crew can work from the ground to reach your windows up to 72 feet up. At Hydropure we have developed patent pending technology to improve upon existing reach and wash window cleaning systems. To reduce costs associated with working on heights and keep our employees safer, we manufactured our own system.

Pure water is the best sustainable product for cleaning glass available today. Using carbon fiber poles and heated pure water we are able to reach to a height of 72 ft keeping our employees on the ground and significantly reducing labor cost as an added benefit. These cost savings can be used to wash more frequently or maybe make a cost prohibitive job possible. No lifts leaving tracks, no ladders denting the building and no men hanging from the roof.

Unlike traditional window cleaning where only the glass is cleaned, we are also able to clean the sills and frames, leaving your windows cleaner for a longer period of time. The quality of our window cleaning services exceeds conventional methods while lowering costs and significantly increasing safety for our clients and employees.

Whether we are using ladder, abseiling, lifts, or our pole fed systems, you will receive the same high quality of window washing from our trained, professional technicians for a spotless shine, every time. At Hydropure we understand the hazard and risk of cleaning from heights, which is why we make safety our number one priority for both our crew, your property, and everyone coming and going from the building.

For more information or for a consultation for your window cleaning needs, contact Hydropure at 844-362-4447.