High Rise Window Washing

Rope Access Window Washing

Quality window washing for commercial and residential high rise buildings with emphasis on safety

64412125Our window cleaning services for high rises include traditional rope access window washing. All technicians are trained professionals with the experience to get the job done correctly, and safely. We exceed customer expectations with spotless window washing every time. We are fully insured and meet all OSHA regulations for rope access abseiling cleaning. This type of window cleaning is ideal for commercial or residential high rise buildings that our pole fed systems can’t reach.

Unlike traditional window cleaning where only the glass is cleaned, we are also able to clean the sills and frames, leaving your windows cleaner for a longer period of time. The quality our services exceed conventional methods while lowering costs and significantly increasing safety for our clients and employees.

At Hydropure we understand the hazard and risk of rope access cleaning at higher heights, which is why we make safety our number one priority for both our crew, your property, and everyone coming and going from the building.  Before we arrive on the job, we preform an assessment of the property to discuss which window washing method is appropriate for your needs. In addition to abseiling we also have window washing by ladder access, cherry pickers and lifts, and our patent pending reach and wash pole system where our technicians work from the ground to clean windows safely with pure, chemical free water.

For more information or for a consultation for your window cleaning needs, contact Hydropure at 844-362-4447 or e-mail pwci@me.com