Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning for Massachusetts and New Hampshire


Save money immediately by allowing your brightly cleaned solar panels to absorb more sunlight. Dust, rain, smog, bird droppings, and other factors cause your solar panels to become dirty and less efficient. Solar panel cleaning is best left to the professionals—most solar panels are located on roofs or hard-to-reach places that require special equipment.

Sustainable, Pure Water Cleaning for Your Solar Panels

Reach and Wash Systems add safety and efficiency to window cleaning. Water is fed through a pole, so our crew can work from the ground instead of from ladders or ropes. Born out of a need to reduce costs associated with working on heights and keep our employees safer we manufactured our own system for cleaning windows and solar panels.

Using carbon fiber poles and heated pure water we are able to reach to a height of 72 ft keeping our employees on the ground and significantly reducing labor cost as an added benefit. These cost savings can be used to wash more frequently or maybe make a cost prohibitive job possible. No lifts leaving tracks, no ladders denting the building and no men hanging from the roof.

Pure water is the best sustainable product for cleaning glass available today. We use purified, heated water instead of chemicals, so our process doesn’t have any negative affect on the environment. There is no residue from soap, no streaks, just a clear, spotless shine. Soap residue is sticky and can attract dirt back onto the window. Windows cleaned with our pure water technology leave your windows cleaner for longer.

Don’t Damage Your Panels

Solar panel cleaning, if not done correctly, can result in damaged panels. Solar panels cannot be cleaned with cold water during hot periods because the solar panels will crack due to thermal shock. Also, cleaning with regular soap and water will leave spots or a haze on the panels, lowering their effectiveness.

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