What are the Benefits of Pure Water Cleaning?

Pure Water Technology

What are the Benefits of Pure Water Cleaning?

We use pure water technology with water-fed poles to clean commercial windows. While we still use traditional soap mixtures, with aerial lifts and ladders, to get the job done, we have adjusted most of our jobs to use pure water technology. But why? There are many advantages to the the pure water window cleaning method.

First, with the use of pure water, the chance for streaks and smudges is greatly reduced. The windows will dry without spots, leaving a purely clean window that will last. The residue left over by traditional soap methods actually attract more dirt and grime to the windows after the cleaners leave.

The water-fed pole system leads to a much safer window cleaning method. Without having to use expensive lift equipment to reach the windows, the window cleaning process is more affordable. We are then able to pass the savings on to you.

Pure water cleaning is overall safer and better for the environment. The use of soaps and chemicals on windows lead to unavoidable runoff. In this case, the ground can be damaged by the chemicals being used. The chemicals are also released into the air. The pure water window cleaning method avoids these side effects.

The use of water fed poles also makes ladders unnecessary. For years, a side effect of having windows cleaned was damage to lawns from ladder placement. This can now be avoided.

The pure water window cleaning method has concrete advantages over traditional soap and sponge methods. To schedule a commercial window cleaning appointment, contact us at 855-362-9900 or by e-mail at pwci@me.com